Lisa's Door Décor And More

Creating beautiful homemade décor for your home! 

Thank you for choosing Lisa's Door Décor And More! Browse our designs, if you see something you like or want to buy please let us know. If you have an idea of something different that you want let us know and we can work on a custom creation just for you. 

Standard wreaths are between 22" and 26" diameter and 5"-7" deep and can be hung on the outside of a storm door or on doors with no storm door.  If you have a storm door, please check out our selection of Pancake, Flower, Tulip, Yarn, Ribbon, Sunburst or Pinwheel Style Wreaths that are 22"-26" diameter and 3"-4" deep and will fit between doors.  If you see a design in any category that you want in another style, please contact us and we can advise if it is possible to get you one done.  We have a great many customers that hang their wreaths inside on their wall so that is another option for you.